When I called Rudy after an F3 Tornado followed by 3 inches of rain, I expected him to say that it was too bad of wreckage to bother. No roof, and sheet rock plopped on everything. The mold was beginning where water had run down the walls, Even the garage containing many good items as well as 56 years of family and trip pictures stored in plastic tubs were saved by RC Restoration. These stacked tubs had broken glass and debris coating them and standing water on the garage floor.so that you had to walk through it to get to things. The staff just patiently wrapped delicate things in the house and the casement furniture was cleaned after they professionally pad wrapped it and taken in their truck. Everything that was able to be restored/cleaned and stored in a climate controlled building was returned after 10 months to a rebuilt home Then the furniture was placed in the rooms without a mark. And the clean, delicate dishes and breakables were unpacked and placed in cabinets or china cabinets If it had not been for the services this company RCR provided, then we would be heart broken to know it would never ever be like our home. No other storm recovery services could begin to do what they have done for us. Thank you to each of the staff. Larry and Patricia Atha Bay Hill Drive Athens, Al

Patty and Larry A.


Rocket City Restoration treats you and your property with the utmost respect. I have used nationwide companies in the past and in comparison, this locally owned company takes care of it's neighbors. I can say with confidence that the "First Response" to our unexpected restoration needs were immediate, thorough and responsible with our belongings. Time is of the essence and there was no delay! The owner himself directed removal of belongings and immediate restoration of the damaged areas of our home. He is both experienced and easy to communicate with during this most stressful time. There were no surprises! Each stage of the process went according to the expectations and necessary steps required to get the job done! I would recommend Rocket City Restoration to you with confidence!

Paula V.


Rudy and his team are the best contractors of any sort that we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Our projects were conducted on time, on schedule, and with an extremely high level of professionalism.

Ronald G.


Wonderful folks to have on your side during a tough time. Very professional and responsive, helpful and accommodating. They were also very thorough in their work and honest in their opinions. Could not have chosen a better professional. Thank you for such wonderful service.

Kathy T.